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How do I decide...

What is the main difference between dojos and how do you choose one over the other? What’s right and whats not…

Here are some things to be aware of if you visit a dojo:

When you arrive at the dojo, you see multi colored uniforms, camouflage belts, and the Sensei has the sleeves cut off the uniform. YIKES! Traditional karate practitioners wear white karate gis and there is a belt system with regular colored belts.

You see small children wearing black belts. NO NO!

They won’t tell you prices and you’re required to sign up before watching or trying a class. That should never be required.

It looks more like a gymnastics class than a karate class. Flipping isn’t done in Karate.

For further ideas on how to decide, check out this great article about spotting a McDojo:


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