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Healthy Dojo

Providing a clean and healthy environment for our dojo families is of utmost importance.

What are we doing to keep you and your family safe?

*Each week our mats and equipment are cleaned and sanitized to prevent the spread of illness.

*Our new dojo is equipped with 3 hand sanitizer stations on the mats, we also have hand sanitizer around the dojo, our bathrooms have been cleaned and sanitized and our mats and equipment will continue to be cleaned and sanitized.

*For the next few weeks, we will require all students to stop and wash their hands before entering the dojo or mats.

*Our regular classes will not be doing any activities where students will touch. We will focus on drills that are individual in nature as well as Kata and vocabulary.

* All of the gloves and shin guards have been thrown away and all soft surface items such as belts used for drills have been washed.

Please: If you or your child have been ill please refrain from attending class until they are fever free for 24 hours. If you or your child has been diagnosed with the coronavirus, please do not attend class for 2 weeks or until cleared by a doctor. We will always allow students to make up classes if they are absent.


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