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Shodan Karate Academy is a family oriented Martial Arts studio. Therefore, we offer programs for both kids and Adults.  To provide a better quality  of instruction and service, our classes are divided by age groups.

Our Karate classes are about more than simple self-defense. Karate-do places an emphasis on self-discipline, and develops both self-esteem and confidence. By giving equal weight to mental strength, physical development, and self-defense, Karate-do enhances both mind and body and is a robust and complete martial art.

It has often been said that Karate begins and ends with respect, and nowhere is that more evident than at our academy. Classes begin with an initial show of respect to the instructors and other students in the class. From there, the students will be lead through warm-up exercises intended to strengthen the body, make it more flexible, and teach basic technique. After the student begins learning our basic techniques we start covering Katas (choreographed movements intended to show how techniques fit together).

Finally, after the student has reached a good level of self control, light sparring is introduced to the program. Please note that sparring is not mandatory and the student and parent will decide if they want to learn and practice these techniques. In addition, hard contact is forbidden; participants' safety is always our primery concern. All our sparring practices require protective equipment to avoid any injuries for our students. Finally, classes end with a cool-down period and a final display of respect for the instructor and the other students.

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Karate Practice


"...we just have to tell you how grateful we are for the experience he has had with Shodan.  This was one of the best decisions we ever made for him and believe he is more prepared, more assured, and more confident largely in part to his experiences with you."

"Love this place , the students and the teachers!!"

“It's amazing to see how my son has developed physically from taking karate classes at Shodan .”

"We love the family atmosphere at Shodan Academy. The staff is very friendly and always helpful."

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